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By Subscribers

1st yt SET India 12.7m
2nd yt SAB TV 3.56m
3rd yt SonyLIV 578k
4th yt Sony MAX 520k
5th yt Sony PAL 411k
6th yt Sony AATH 321k
7th yt LIV Kids Hindi 82.2k
8th yt SET Syndication 46.2k
9th yt Sony Telugu 34.4k
10th yt LIV Kids Nursery Rhymes and Songs 26.8k
11th yt Movie Buzz 23.9k
12th yt Sony MAX 2 22.4k
13th yt LIV Comedy 8.6k
14th yt LIV Tech 5.71k

By Views

1st yt SET India 8.76b
2nd yt SAB TV 3.53b
3rd yt Sony AATH 265m
4th yt Sony PAL 223m
5th yt SonyLIV 177m
6th yt LIV Kids Hindi 56.5m
7th yt Sony MAX 44.3m
8th yt Sony Telugu 21.5m
9th yt SET Syndication 9.81m
10th yt LIV Kids Nursery Rhymes and Songs 6.78m
11th yt Movie Buzz 4.06m
12th yt Sony MAX 2 2.86m
13th yt LIV Tech 585k
14th yt LIV Comedy 61.6k
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