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By Subscribers

1st yt PewDiePie 55.8m
2nd yt CaptainSparklez 9.97m
3rd yt stampylonghead 8.53m
4th yt luzugames 6.85m
5th yt sTaXx 4.81m
6th yt iBallisticSquid 4.05m
7th yt TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit 2.27m
8th yt Aypierre 1.44m
9th yt xXSlyFoxHoundXx 1.27m
10th yt MagicAnimalClub 980k
11th yt PressHeartToContinue 847k
12th yt BebopVox YOGSCAST 757k
13th yt stampylongnose 640k
14th yt Strippin 475k
15th yt Aureylian 333k
16th yt DaveChaos 280k
17th yt Dexbonus 264k
18th yt TotalBiscuit Starcraft and Strategy 175k
19th yt pennyarcadeTV 100k

By Views

1st yt PewDiePie 15.5b
2nd yt stampylonghead 6.09b
3rd yt CaptainSparklez 2.88b
4th yt iBallisticSquid 2.34b
5th yt luzugames 1.13b
6th yt sTaXx 865m
7th yt TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit 833m
8th yt Aypierre 483m
9th yt xXSlyFoxHoundXx 435m
10th yt BebopVox YOGSCAST 210m
11th yt MagicAnimalClub 132m
12th yt PressHeartToContinue 108m
13th yt Dexbonus 47.6m
14th yt Strippin 35.2m
15th yt Aureylian 35.1m
16th yt TotalBiscuit Starcraft and Strategy 27m
17th yt pennyarcadeTV 20m
18th yt stampylongnose 19.2m
19th yt DaveChaos 14.7m
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