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By Subscribers

1st yt The Slow Mo Guys 9.45m
2nd yt Rooster Teeth 9.05m
3rd yt LetsPlay 3.76m
4th yt Achievement Hunter 1.34m
5th yt The Know 1.21m
6th yt Funhaus 1.17m
7th yt Red vs. Blue 704k
8th yt The Slow Mo Guys 2 564k
9th yt GameFails 535k
10th yt LetsPlay Community 407k
11th yt Game Attack 101k

By Views

1st yt Rooster Teeth 5b
2nd yt LetsPlay 1.57b
3rd yt The Slow Mo Guys 1.18b
4th yt Funhaus 577m
5th yt Achievement Hunter 377m
6th yt The Know 343m
7th yt GameFails 197m
8th yt Red vs. Blue 166m
9th yt LetsPlay Community 88.2m
10th yt The Slow Mo Guys 2 17m
11th yt Game Attack 9.71m
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