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By Subscribers

1st yt Trap City 7.67m
2nd yt Martin Garrix 6.2m
3rd yt Proximity 4.95m
4th yt SwagyTracks 1.92m
5th yt MrRevillz 1.64m
6th yt CloudKid 1.29m
7th yt Trap City 1.2m
8th yt xKito Music 1.14m
9th yt SuicideSheeep 1.12m
10th yt Selected. 1.04m
11th yt The Vibe Guide 1.01m
12th yt Tasty 883k
13th yt Koala Kontrol 832k
14th yt Trap and Bass 788k
15th yt Melbourne Beats 765k
16th yt MrDeepSense 709k
17th yt Liquicity 662k
18th yt Rap City 658k
19th yt Nik Cooper 613k
20th yt Tribal Trap 612k
21st yt Different Heaven 597k
22nd yt Sensual Musique 580k
23rd yt Future House Music 566k
24th yt dynmk 413k
25th yt Krewella 358k
26th yt oNlineRXD 358k
27th yt MixHound 331k
28th yt Bass City 327k
29th yt DIM MAK 325k
30th yt EDM City 313k
31st yt Super Beats 301k
32nd yt House City 291k
33rd yt CloudCity 286k
34th yt Wobblecraft 284k
35th yt NXS 277k
36th yt Funky Panda™ 275k
37th yt Underground Charisma 240k
38th yt Chill City 226k
39th yt OnlyChillstep 216k
40th yt Hysteria Records 214k
41st yt Feint 202k
42nd yt Future City 200k
43rd yt Pegboard Nerds 195k
44th yt Noisestorm 180k
45th yt InspectorDubplate 173k
46th yt EDEN 170k
47th yt Heed The Sound 160k
48th yt Argofox | Royalty Free Music 151k
49th yt Evan Duffy 147k
50th yt Run The Trap 145k
51st yt Maron Music 142k
52nd yt College Music 142k
53rd yt Stephen 125k
54th yt HourTV 122k
55th yt SYZYGY 117k
56th yt Rameses B 116k
57th yt Wanderlust 112k
58th yt 7clouds 108k
59th yt jweihaas 103k
60th yt MORindie 99.1k
61st yt Circus Records 98.2k
62nd yt ObsidiaMedia 90.2k
63rd yt Datsik 88.5k
64th yt Laura Brehm 68.8k
65th yt STMPD RCRDS 68.7k
66th yt Enhanced Music 68k
67th yt Mellow Uploads 59k
68th yt Bass House Music 58.2k
69th yt Future's Finest 55.5k
70th yt TheLatestSounds 51.8k
71st yt Deep House Amsterdam 51.1k
72nd yt Selected XO 49.9k
73rd yt Proximity Chill 43.4k
74th yt FirepowerRecs 37k
75th yt Squirrel Mixes 33.3k
76th yt Insan3Lik3 29.4k
77th yt Play Me Records 24.9k
78th yt GIANT ANGRY ROBOT 23.1k
79th yt TutTutChild 21.7k
80th yt NGHTMRE 9.88k
81st yt tomdaymusic 9.17k
82nd yt daPlaque 8.24k
83rd yt Big Smile Records 6k
84th yt Arkana 4.7k
85th yt Tom Day - Topic 252
86th yt LoveStyle Records 0

By Views

1st yt Trap City 1.95b
2nd yt Proximity 1.95b
3rd yt Martin Garrix 1.38b
4th yt SwagyTracks 919m
5th yt MrRevillz 764m
6th yt The Vibe Guide 609m
7th yt xKito Music 564m
8th yt Selected. 463m
9th yt SuicideSheeep 336m
10th yt CloudKid 322m
11th yt MrDeepSense 263m
12th yt Liquicity 253m
13th yt Melbourne Beats 227m
14th yt Trap City 212m
15th yt Koala Kontrol 198m
16th yt Tasty 178m
17th yt dynmk 141m
18th yt Nik Cooper 132m
19th yt Trap and Bass 130m
20th yt Future House Music 123m
21st yt DIM MAK 97.5m
22nd yt Rap City 85.1m
23rd yt NXS 77.6m
24th yt Sensual Musique 69.2m
25th yt Tribal Trap 65.4m
26th yt Hysteria Records 61m
27th yt CloudCity 60.1m
28th yt Wobblecraft 55m
29th yt Funky Panda™ 54.8m
30th yt Krewella 54.6m
31st yt Underground Charisma 49.6m
32nd yt Different Heaven 48.4m
33rd yt MixHound 47.2m
34th yt Super Beats 41.8m
35th yt Feint 41m
36th yt OnlyChillstep 38.4m
37th yt InspectorDubplate 38.2m
38th yt Circus Records 30.5m
39th yt HourTV 28.7m
40th yt oNlineRXD 27.5m
41st yt Evan Duffy 24.8m
42nd yt ObsidiaMedia 24.5m
43rd yt Wanderlust 22.2m
44th yt Enhanced Music 21.8m
45th yt Bass City 21.5m
46th yt Noisestorm 19.8m
47th yt Run The Trap 18.6m
48th yt Argofox | Royalty Free Music 18m
49th yt Rameses B 17.9m
50th yt House City 16.5m
51st yt EDM City 16.3m
52nd yt MORindie 15.9m
53rd yt College Music 15.8m
54th yt SYZYGY 15.6m
55th yt Stephen 15m
56th yt Mellow Uploads 13.7m
57th yt 7clouds 13.5m
58th yt Chill City 13m
59th yt TheLatestSounds 12.9m
60th yt Selected XO 11.1m
61st yt EDEN 10.4m
62nd yt jweihaas 10.2m
63rd yt Datsik 9.99m
64th yt Future City 9.14m
65th yt Heed The Sound 8.88m
66th yt Proximity Chill 8.64m
67th yt Future's Finest 8.44m
68th yt Pegboard Nerds 7.59m
69th yt Bass House Music 7.06m
70th yt Maron Music 7.04m
71st yt Deep House Amsterdam 6.8m
72nd yt FirepowerRecs 6.42m
73rd yt Play Me Records 4.88m
74th yt STMPD RCRDS 4.72m
75th yt GIANT ANGRY ROBOT 4.65m
76th yt Laura Brehm 4.51m
77th yt Squirrel Mixes 3.59m
78th yt Insan3Lik3 2.24m
79th yt Big Smile Records 2.12m
80th yt TutTutChild 1.18m
81st yt daPlaque 567k
82nd yt Arkana 414k
83rd yt LoveStyle Records 369k
84th yt NGHTMRE 202k
85th yt tomdaymusic 196k
86th yt Tom Day - Topic 9.61k
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